Motivational Speaking & Mentoring

Public speaking

Bookings available to speak to groups or at events. It doesn’t matter who you are. I can help you somehow, I conduct talks to inspire and motivative people. I have a determined personality and I force myself to do a lot of things. People think I have a disadvantage because I have a disability but the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself.

I speak about specific topics that I have experienced these include:

  • Carers and hiring your own carers
  • Living independent
  • NDIS
  • School life
  • Working/business
  • Social life

If there is a topic I haven’t listed which you would like me to speak about, email me and we can discuss. I am open to speak on any topic if I think I have something to contribute to the subject.


 I offer 1 on 1 mentoring to people of all ages. Last year I mentored a student with a disability and it seemed to be big help to them.

Cost of Services

All services are charged on an hourly rate.

Mentoring Services - $65 per hour

Public speaking - $100 per hour

No more costs for traveling unless it is more than one hour away

Upcoming talks & presentations


15th September - Monash University

Physiotherapy students

My past events


18th & 19th May - AGOSCI - AGOSCI conference

NDIS Panel

How Samsung Galaxy Tab S has improved my life


3rd September - Vic-Tas OT Conference – harnessing possibilities within NDIS

Promo video

15th September - Life after school expo

My experiences after school

22th November - Monash University - Electronic Assertive Technology Workshop

Talk about how I use assertive technology in everyday life

Bookings & Enquiries

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