About my Disability

I have cerebral palsy, CP for short. Cerebral Palsy is a permanent physical disability that is caused by damage to the developing brain of a baby either before, during or shortly after birth. This damage may be caused by contracting an infection, sustaining an injury or by a faulty process in the growing brain's development, in many cases the cause of the damage is unknown. For people with CP their brain damage affects one or more of the motor control areas of the brain, but other areas can be damaged at the same time, causing additional disabilities such as impairments in learning, vision, hearing or epilepsy. CP is described by the parts of the body that are affected by the brain damage and the impairments in the muscle tone and control caused by this damage.

My type of CP is Spastic Quadriplegia, this means that the movement of all parts of my body, including both arms and both legs are reduced due to muscle spasticity, which causes increased stiffness making it difficult for me to move my limbs or speak.

I don't have any other additional disabilities although people with CP usually do. You can find out more on CP from these sites.

What devices do I use to help me?

Wheelchair – to get around. I ride to work and my nanna’s place on my own.

Samsung Galaxy tab s (tablet) - My baby!  I use the Samsung to communicate with people. I have an app call type andspeak. The name explain the app but I rarely use speak function. I normally get people read what I wrote but when I have to use speak function I do.

I have an app called dijit where I can control my tv, dvd player and digital video recorder from my tablet. You download the app then link a device. It isn’t hard to do.

My house technology include blinds, front door, air conditioner and soon the lights too.

Also I do all the normal stuff like facebook, email, youtube.

Hoist – transferring and walking sling. I didn’t use a hoist until April 2016 when I moved in my house because Yooralla has a no lift policy. I bought a walking sling so I can keeping walking around at home. I used to walk around with assistance from parents now I walk around in my bedroom for 15 minutes daily to keep my muscles active.

Commode chair – to sit on toilet and have a shower

Bed – I bought a bed which I can sit up in bed. I can also raise or lower the bed. My Samsung controls the bed.

Car – I bought a second hand car that has already been convented with a ramp. I got a steal, I only paid $35,000. A brand new cost $70,000. It was in excellent condition and had only 25000km. I think they should been asking for $50,000 for it. Even though I cant drive it myself it has given more independence and freedom. I don’t need to rely on taxis or public transport any more. A trip to city used to take me all day.

These things have given me the opportunity to be as independent as much as I can be. I can't wait to see what they invent next!